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The OS-MAS instructable should provide basic instructions for setting up your system, but we can also provide a range of services in order to help people set up and customize their Machine Access System, from answering simple questions to formatting databases and providing custom set up instructions.

If you are interested in using the OS-MAS but don’t know, for example, how to use LabVIEW or work with Arduino, please get in touch with us and we can provide a quote for assistance.¬† Contact Dr. Schuler at for information, questions, or quotes.

Examples of Services:

  • Customized LabVIEW .vi files and .exe programs
  • Special tasks within the OS-MAS program, such as locking tool cabinets or adding e-stop buttons.
  • MySQL Database setup
  • Assistance in maintaining databases.
  • Hook-up and wiring assistance
  • Designing enclosures for RFID readers
  • Wireless connectivity¬†(coming soon)

Please Note: We are not hardware re-sellers.  While we can help you get the hardware you need, it will almost always be cheaper and faster to order it yourself.