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Open Source Machine Access System

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The Open Source Machine Access System was developed in order to provide an extra layer of safety and accountability for users of machines within a MakerSpace or other machine shop scenario.  The basic concept is to provide an electronic “lock-out” system to prevent untrained users from powering up the machines in the shop, while also tracking machine usage and responsibilities.

In this system, every user is provided with a unique RFID card which is linked to a training database maintained by the director of the shop.  When a user wants to power up a machine, they need to scan their RFID card and select the corresponding machine on the screen, at which point a signal will be sent allowing access to that machine.  If the user has not been trained to use that machine, its selection button will not appear and they will be unable to power the machine itself.  This prevents untrained user from even being able to turn on a dangerous machine.  A usage entry is also generated in a second database which shows who has used the machine and when, which is useful for tracking repairs and misuse.

The source code is provided on the “Downloads” page, along with some other links that might be helpful.  It is provided under a non-commercial, share-alike, creative commons license.  We will post updates and further instructions as they come in.

There is already an instructable available for setting up the system.  If you are interested in using the system, but are not interested in configuring and customizing it yourself, we offer services to help get you set up on the “Services” page, or contact us for more information at

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